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Totem Arte Plugin 0.9.1

The Totem plugin project is still alive. After Arte changed their video streaming platform we had to switch from WMV to RTMP streams. RTMP support is finally available in the latest (version 0.10.20) gstreamer-plugins-bad release. Nicolas Delvaux added many additional features like GNOME proxy support and asynchronous thumbnail downloading.

You can clone the repository or download the latest tarball. Debian and Ubuntu packages are available too.


Enjoy watching Arte!

Date: 20 Sep 2010 | Tags: gnome noise

I am attending GUADEC

See you all in The Hague!

Date: 12 Jul 2010 | Tags: gnome noise

Totem Arte Plugin Update

About a week ago changed their video service, which broke the Arte Totem plugin. no longer provides WMV streams, only a Flash player and the video feeds are crippled. Exciting improvements. *grr*

But we found a workaround to access the old WMV streaming server. We're back in business! Just update to the plugin version 0.8.4, from source, from Nicolas' ppa or from Debian.

I don't know how long this streaming server will be running. In the long run we will probably need a RTMP gstreamer plugin to play the Flash video content in Totem. HTML5 to the rescue!

Date: 26 May 2010 | Tags: gnome noise

Totem Arte+7 Plugin

I'm proud to announce the first stable release of the Arte+7 Plugin for Totem. It allows you to watch the streams listed on with Totem in a convenient way. Sadly, this service is only available for users from France, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.


Thanks to everyone who tested it, sent me feedback and patches. Notable changes since my last post:

You can download the stable totem-plugin-arte-0.8.tar.gz or pull it from Nicolas created an Ubuntu package in his PPA for those of you who are too lazy to compile it. It would be nice if someone from a country not supported by the Arte streaming service, could test the plugin too, to check if it behaves reasonable in such a situation.

Date: 16 Feb 2010 | Tags: gnome

Raytracer Contest 2009 @ ETH

Here is the reason why It was very quiet on my blog in the last months: In the 'Computer Graphics' lecture at ETH Zürich, Fabian and I had to implemented a raytracer from scratch. In the last week we rendered a video, which was the winning submission in the final rendering contest. You can download the video here or watch it on Youtube.


Date: 30 Dec 2009 | Tags: blender eth graphics

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