Simon Wenner

GSoC Week 5

The rendering of local files is now implemented. If you want to try it, run the new demo: 'demos/local-rendering'. The Memphis map source supports changing the style/rules and the data source while rendering tiles. The ability to redraw all visible tiles required changes in some main classes of libchamplain (i.e. ChamplainView). If no rules or no data is provided the data source creates empty (black) tiles. I'm not sure if that's a good behavior. Should it draw 'error-tiles' instead?

This week I will create the network-map-data-source. It will download the map data from the OSM-API server and pass it to the renderer. The progress of this milestone will depend on the weather conditions in Gran Canaria ;-)

I will stay in Gran Canaria from the 1st to 11th of July. I hope to see you all at the GCDS!

Published: 29 Jun 2009 | Tags: gnome

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