Simon Wenner

GSoC Week 4

I extended my local-map-source-prototype with a thread pool for rendering. Threads improved the responsivity a lot, especially on my weak (single core) laptop. The prototype uses at most four threads and draws tiles of 512x512 px (no caching). I haven't planned to spend any additional development time on the prototype. If you want to try it, checkout the branch 'local-rendering-prototype'.

Pierre-Luc and I discussed the class hierarchy of the new map sources. We decided to create one new map source called ChamplainMemphisMapSource, which does the rendering. This class is a client of an abstract map data source (ChamplainMapDataSource). I will implement two map data sources: ChamplainLocalMapDataSource (uses local XML data) and ChamplainNetworkMapDataSource (uses the OSM API). All future work will be done in the branch 'local-rendering'. This week, the 'local-rendering' branch will get at least the features of the prototype.

Published: 22 Jun 2009 | Tags: gnome

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