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Totem Arte+7 Plugin

Totem Arte Plugin

This Totem plugin allows you to watch video streams from the Franco-German TV Channel Arte. Sadly, this service is only available for IPs within France, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. Hosted on Gitorious


Google Summer of Code 2009

During the Google Summer of Code I extended Libchamplain, a C library providing a ClutterActor to display maps. The goal project was to add support for local map rendering of OpenStreetMap XML data. Local rendering enables clients to create maps with custom content and color themes.

ETH Raytracer Contest 2009


In the 'Computer Graphics' lecture at ETH Zürich, Fabian and I had to implemented a raytracer from scratch. In the last week we rendered a video, which was the winning submission in the final rendering contest. You can download the video here or watch it on Youtube.


Fingertier (German for the Aye-eye) is a minimal finger friendly music player for mobile devices. It is optimised for smart phones with small touch screens, like the OpenMoko Freerunner. Hosted on Google Code

GNOME Water Temperature Applet

Water Temperature Applet

The Water Temperature Applet displays water temperatures of rivers, lakes and oceans in your GNOME panel. I wrote it so I always know when I should go swimming in the Rhine and to learn the python programming language. Hosted on

Pidgin One-Time Pad Plug-in

Pidgin-paranoia is a plug-in for Pidgin (formerly known as Gaim) that uses one-time pads to encrypt your conversations. A project for paranoid people, like me. Hosted on

Gedit XML-Tools Plug-in

This plug-in for the editor gedit provides XML Schema (XSD) validation and an Xpath query editor. It could be extended with other XML stuff, but I have no motivation to do so at the moment. XML-Tools on


Orxonox is a mix between a spacecraft shooter, vertical scroller and a first person shooter. For further information visit

Very old 3D Projects

Some of my older 3D projects can be found on my old web site