Simon Wenner

Fresh Totem Plugins

Sadly I can't attend this years GUADEC as it overlaps with my examination session. Nevertheless I had some spare time to do some useful, i.e. GNOME related, stuff.

Totem Arte Plugin 3.0.0

I released a major update of the Arte+7 streaming plugin. Version 3.0.0 was ported to Gtk+ 3.0, Libpeas and GSettings and can now be used with Totem 3.x. I rewrote the parsing and loading of the video feeds to improve the robustness and the quality of the list of available videos. You can get the source tarball from here.

Totem Rotation Plugin

Some videos that are created with hand held cameras or mobile phones are oriented in strange ways. I developed a plugin for Totem to adjust the orientation. The new orientation is stored as a GIO file attribute and it is restored the next time you watch the video. This completely new plugin is part of Totem 3.1.4.

Published: 07 Aug 2011 | Tags: gnome

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